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Anti-Aging Night Cream - 50 ml
Anti-Aging Night Cream - 50 ml September 18, 2018

I used the night cream, and it did make my face a little red but I do have extremely sensitive skin, since it was before bed it didn't bother me too much. I do like how smooth this cream is, it absorbs very quickly. Will definitely keep using!
Siena Povey - avatar Siena Povey
Anti-Aging Skin Serum - 30 ml
Anti-Aging Skin Serum - 30 ml September 14, 2018

I'm super picky when it comes to my skin care and I love that this is fragrance free. The hyaluronic acid makes this serum surprisingly moisturizing. It's got all the good peptides too!
Eve Walsh - avatar Eve Walsh
Anti-Aging Day Cream - 50 ml
Anti-Aging Day Cream - 50 ml September 13, 2018

I purchased the day cream and even though there's no fragrance added, I really like the smell. It's not too thick which I love so it doesn't make my skin oily. Even though it's for the day, I use it before bed and I really feel a difference in my face when I wakeup!
Kathy Mahoney - avatar Kathy Mahoney
Anti-Aging Complete
Anti-Aging Complete August 17, 2018

Have recommended the product to many friends (all ages) and have sent them to the Mall when you're there doing promotion. The samples were well-received and a few have purchased one or more of the products.

Don't stop . . . .
Norine C - avatar Norine C


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