Dr. Mitchell Albert
Chief Scientific Officer & Founder

After his first year of his PhD. in Chemistry at the University of Stony Brook, Dr. Albert began to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. He searched for years for a product that would boost his energy and help to relieve his fatigue symptoms, but couldn’t find anything that worked for him. He started researching energy supplements from all over the world in the scientific literature, and fifteen years later he developed an innovative energy formulation to alleviate his chronic fatigue.

While he had more energy, the previous years of poor health had taken a toll on his skin. Since his approach to creating energy supplements worked so well, he applied the same knowledge to creating a skincare product. After intensive research, Dr. Albert developed a formulation combining traditional Chinese herbal medicine with western ingredients to create an incredibly effective immune boosting regime of skincare products and supplements. Dr. Albert used to regularly catch a cold every other week, but since taking his new immunity formulation, colds are a thing of the past.

After a friend mentioned how amazing he looked and asked where to get the products he was using, Renew Health Inc. was born as a way to share his unique formula with others.

  • PhD in Chemistry from the University of Stony Brook
  • Professor and research scientist at Harvard Medical School for over fifteen years
  • Awarded the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from President Clinton in 1999
  • Currently a research scientist in the medical imaging field and Research Chair at Lakehead University
  • Holds ten patents for his chemistry and technology inventions

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