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My daughter gave me this as a gift for mothers day two years ago. I typically have to use sensitive skin products for soap and lotions. This product is wonderful and I see a difference since using it. Love it so much, I've recommended it to my friends and sister. My daughter found this product while attending Lakehead University and now we live in BC and still order this every few months.
Kimberly Logie - avatar Kimberly Logie

Love this product! I feel like I finally found something that works. My face has felt so good ever since I started using this, which has been quite a while now. I don't shop around any more, I just order this.
Holly Molnar - avatar Holly Molnar

I have been using Renew for the past 2 years and will continue to do so. I have tried other products and can honestly say this product delivers !. I have dry patches on my face.that have disappeared with the use of Renew serum and daily and night moisturiser. I am a believer in these products!
Terri Hrycyschyn - avatar Terri Hrycyschyn
Anti-Aging Night Cream - 50 ml
Anti-Aging Night Cream - 50 ml February 26, 2019

I love these face creams! I have noticed a remarkable difference in my skin after using the anti-aging day and night creams. I have received many compliments that my complexion is glowing. I usually have very dry skin in the winter and have to see a dermatologist to get prescription medication to assist with my dry flaky skin. This is the first winter season I didn't have to do that. It has also helped my rosaeca. I will continue to use these products - well worth the money!
Karen Bernard - avatar Karen Bernard


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