Health Concerns To Keep An Eye On and Improve

As mothers age there are areas of our health that we need to concentrate on.

This could be for aesthetic reasons or simply to live a higher quality of life. The most important thing that you can do for yourself and your family is to take a proactive approach about living the healthiest lifestyle possible. A person can be healthy in one area like their diet but a lingering problem with the liver or kidneys can lead to death. The following are areas you need to keep a close eye on and how you can improve these areas of your health as well.


Digestive health can impact your lifestyle immensely as anyone with IBS or Crohn’s disease can tell you. Diet has a huge impact on your digestive health as consuming things in excess like alcohol can damage your stomach lining. Lemons are actually great for soothing the stomach and can help digestive health. If you have issues like rectal bleeding you need medical attention immediately. Letting problems linger can lead to problems compounding and an issue you might not be able to solve with any medication.


As a mother your sexual health is important especially if you are single. Far too many people do not get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and infections which leads to them spreading rampantly. Certain diseases can lead you to have reproductive issues in the future which can ruin the chances of having any other children if you wish to do so. Get tested if you are sexually active as your bill of health depends on it.

Fitness Wise

Going to the gym daily is not an option for some working mothers but this does not mean you cannot be fit. Take the time to go for a run or invest in a stationary bike that you can ride while you are watching the morning news with your cup of coffee. Make a point of being active for at least an hour per day and you will see the difference in your body as well as your mood. Exercising helps boost your mood so if you tend to be snappy take a run to see if it helps!

Skin Health

Mothers who lived in warmed climates or used the summers of their youth to get the best tan possible could have problems now. Not wearing sunscreen can lead to skin cancer especially if you have had multiple severe sunburns throughout your life. The most important thing that you can do is to wear protection for your skin with sunscreen regardless of how much you hate it. If you do get a sunburn you need to moisturize and allow your skin to heal. Do not go back into the sun as some people think they will get a great tan with a sunburn when all they end up doing is peeling and writhing in pain.

The above areas of your health are important so take time to evaluate each of them. Problems simply do not go away so don’t avoid going to the doctor if you even have an inkling that something is wrong.

Written by Natalie Bracco for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

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